NETIMPERATIVE: Larry Page Outlines Google’s Future: Why Less Privacy Could Be a Good Thing

“Discussing the recent web spying scandal, Page described governments’ secret digital surveillance as ‘disappointing’. “It is not possible to have a democracy if we have to protect our users from the government.” However, the Google CEO went on to describe some areas that would benefit from making personal data more open in digital form, and argued that anonymised medical records should be made available to doctors and researchers.”

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GIZMODO: Google’s Getting Defensive About Glass

“It’s one of several strawmen that populate the post, optimized and hyperblized [sic] so that Google can rehash the same pro-Glass arguments. By setting up ludicrous claims that absolutely no one is making, the company sets a stage in which anything it says will seem reasonable by default. Unfortunately for Google, anyone reading this letter also happens to possess the power of sight.”

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NETWORK WORLD: Google Wants To Black Out Court Details About Data-mining E-mails

“Google argues that it is “ordinary” for a service provider to read content of individuals’ communications for business purposes, such as pitching advertising. Google’s position would allow AT&T and Verizon to listen to your calls and voicemail in order to pitch advertising, or the Postal Service to break the seal of your envelopes to stuff ads in them.”

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BLOOMBERG: Google Wants E-Mail Scanning Information Blocked

“The main revelation at the Feb. 27 hearing was the existence of “Content Onebox,” used by Google to intercept e-mails for targeted advertising and to build user profiles, Sean Rommel, a lawyer for plaintiffs, told the judge at the time. Google’s latest move to keep records in the case out of public view comes as Koh is weighing a request by companies including National Public Radio, New York Times Co. and Washington Post Co. to unseal other key documents filed earlier that the company contended were too sensitive to be revealed.”

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MOTHERBOARD: Driverless Cars Are Giant Data Collection Devices, Say Privacy Experts

“Google, the company leading the driverless car revolution in the United States, is a company that makes almost all of its money by knowing essentially everything about you. What happens when they know where you drive to and when you do it, what route you take, where you stop, what you put in your car, and who’s in the car with you?”

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